A letter to the Reader

Dear Reader

You might be here by your choice or by a pleasant accident, in either case, it’s now my responsibility to take care of you. But before we proceed, I have a small request to make.

Please don’t carry the following articles when you enter my blog.

1. Magnifying Glass: Don’t Judge Me by my posts!


I write because that’s my passion. My views might concur with some and contrast with others, however, I shall continue writing. Revisiting my blog is totally your choice and my pleasure.


2. Handcuffs: Don’t Sue me for my Satires!

handcuffsI have a separate section for making satires. I have my right to freedom of expression and the intentions have been clearly stated to not hurt any individual or community. However, if someone still takes it to heart, I sincerely apologize!


3. Carbon Copy- Don’t violate the copyright

copyKindly do not duplicate my work without consent. However, if you truly appreciate the work and wish to share it, kindly pass on the due credit to the author.Β The work is licensedΒ Under the International licensing of Creative Commons Attrbution 4.0



That’s it! You are through, from the security check. πŸ™‚

Catering to various interests, both your and mine, I have categorized the blog into the following sections:

Wireless Communication: Focusing on latest trends and technologies in the field of wireless communication. I work with National Instruments as a Radio Frequency Specialist and RF is my bread and butter!

Subtle Satire: Satires are not easy to make. With half baked knowledge you can neither put across your point nor tickle the funny bone. So I take up the challenge of making satires on topics that I have enough information about.

Travel Diaries: I travel atleast once in two weeks, for my job mostly. Most of my learnings and memoirs have come from my travel experiences. Reunions, official travels, debates, family trips, holidays.. could be anything.

Contest Post: I am a daily blogger. There is a huge community of daily bloggers who write each day on the same topic<prompt as we call it> I love reading blogs, which I consider is more important than writing blogs!

I am delighted to host you on my blog. I hope that you take out time to read some of my popular posts and leave a comment or two. Encouragement fosters creatvity!

Hope you have a wonderful time!


Shivansh aka ThoughtFeeder

13 thoughts on “A letter to the Reader

  1. Good Points – well put. I look forward to exchanges!!! http://johndwmacdonald.com


  2. Hahaha…that was indeed a flight. All checked! And ready for that plunge into your blogging world. Liked your style. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really happy to hear your thoughts, Indeed it is the attitude that matters in the end! I am glad to connect with you πŸ™‚


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