Don’t Push, Just Switch!


Action-Analysis-for-Animators-ig-5-70 What is that one thing you are good at doing? It could be watching coloured dreams or making enemies or running marathons.  Everyone of us, is designed to be good at something.  Obviously the tough part of knowing what that is, is left on to us. Which is  good, because until we know what that one thing is, we keep on trying many things and that is how we build experiences.  Unfortunately, in the process of trying out many things, we forget why we are doing that. When we end up doing a bad job at  something, we get disappointed. The disappointment either leads us to making another attempt or giving up on it. If you make  another attempt, its always worth it. But the irony is when you give up. You give up, thinking you are not good enough, while the    truth is that you  may be designed to do something else. The point is, don’t push yourself at doing something that might not be  designed for you, Switch soon!

What am I good at? I am good at expressing myself, through my words, written or said. Expressions are formless. Words are not.  Thus, I blog.

You either know the things you want to do or you don’t want to. Don’t create unnecessary confusion!

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