Book Review on the way to Jabalpur

The Old Man and the Sea

Straight from the book –
‘I’d like to buy some luck if there’s any place they sell it, ’
What could I buy it with? He asked himself. Could I buy it with a lost harpoon and a broken knife and two bad hands?

On my way to home, I broke my journey at Gurgaon. Happily bunked into my friends’ place for a night and smartly flipped a book lying on their sofa, while making a hasty move in the morning. Talking about the book, it’s a short story. Thin, with a big font size. You can safely invest 6 hours in it and get in return, enlightenment of sorts. It revolves around one character, the Old Man; how he is alone but never lonely.  Thus, pick it up for a read, whenever you have a long journey alone, lined up in near future. He sets on a journey with no companion, by choice. Into the sea he oars, far outside his zone of comfort.  He rediscovers his passion of talking to himself, loud and clear. He was born to be a fisherman, he reminds himself. Thus, a fisherman must do his job well. Indeed he does. He gets into fights with sharks, spearfish and dolphins. But, is the fight worth it, at the cost of the bleeding and pain they all suffer, he reflects. Along the way, he misses his young friend for help. He returns safe or does he? As you read you will notice that your pace of reading modulates automatically with the sequence of events, mark of any good book (..or reader? not sure.). There is impulsive turn of events in no time. Your expectations keep changing along the way and the book meets all of it, in the end. Lets talk again when you have read it!

By the way, this book made Mr. Hemingway bag the Nobel Prize in 1954.
Happy ReadingShivansh

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