Use this trick: No more endless waiting on Customer Care phone lines!

customerCustomer Care Phone Service is nothing but a test of patience. “If you love us enough, then prove it by waiting for us to respond till eternity,” is the underlying philosophy of almost all customer care executives.  They are blatantly fast when it comes to getting a new connection, but if you are trying to submit a complain, grievance or a request for cancelling an existing connection, they will keep you waiting. Still waiting. Still….


If you look at the working of most of the customer care services for Set Top Box connection, broadband connection, TV, Washing Machine, Fridge Installation, rescheduling flight tickets, you will observe that deep down these are sales-centered strategies, sugar coated in the name of customer service. For them the customer services are successful if they can attract more customers. So the trick is this:

When you call a customer care center, this is what you will hear most often and in the brackets is what they actually mean!

For a new connection, press 1 (We are dying to hear from you, please call more often)

For an existing connection, press 2  (You don’t really matter to us anymore. )

For cancelling a connection, press 3  (How dare you? Now keep waiting! )

For any complaints, press 4 (Really? Do you think we want to hear you? )

Now you may have called to cancel an existing connection, but don’t press 3. You may have called to submit a complaint, but don’t press 4. In all cases, just press 1. This is the extension where the customer care executives will surely reply in three rings. Once they are on the phone, ask them to transfer your issue to the relevant department. Because their calls are being recorded, they wont trick you into waiting for long now.

This has worked for me umpteen times. Hope it helps you too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Use this trick: No more endless waiting on Customer Care phone lines!

  1. I have not found this to work anymore.
    So basically thing is, let me name Q(1) to be the queue for new connection and so on.

    The no. of people in Q(4) is always high. They generally also tend to talk a lot.

    When you get transferred from Q(1) to Q(4). You anyways end up waiting the same time as you would have originally if you just directly decided to jump to Q(4).

    Not sure whether this is true everywhere, but at least airtel screws me, everytime I try to pull this trick.

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  2. You are right Gapo! If the call is being transferred, this may not work. However, it works smooth when the customer care executives are trained to handle all sorts of queries!


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