An Old Age Home

Contest Post:

Reviving Bricks

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?


It’s an amazing fantasy, “Owning a dilapidated, crumbling down mansion in the country side.” If money were not an issue at all, I would firstly invest a lot in renovating the mansion. Who would live in the mansion? All the parents who have been deserted by their children or who can’t afford a living. I would give it the looks of a palace, something like “Hogwarts,” with a tall gate at the entrance, ensuring security for all. There will be two palm trees on either side of the gate, so as to make it look less scary The gate would open up to a lush green garden with bushes fencing the borders of the mansion. There would be a jogging track where the inmates can go for a daily stroll. Inside the house there will be no stairs as it might get difficult for the old aged to climb, so we will have escalators. There will be a huge library hall, with books starting from the 18th century. There would also be a 3D movie hall with a movies-by-choice option. There will be a Virtual Reality room with a space craft simulation, where inmates can have a simulated experience of zero gravity. There will be a medical room with all basic and emergency medical equipment and a 24×7 nurses for both regular and immediate medical help. Coming to the bedrooms, interiors will be beige. Automated beds with a built-in functionality of body massage. Ofcourse, there will be separate rooms for pets, their own kitchen, washrooms and a play room. There will be a huge hall in the center of the room, which will be called the “Story Telling Room.” As we all know that our grandparents are experts at telling stories, in this room, they will share their stories which will be streamed on television across the world every day.

uhhh.. I can go on and on..

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15 thoughts on “An Old Age Home

  1. Are you taking imaginary applications for residents of your imaginary old folks home? If so, I would like to apply.

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  2. Oops…didn’t mean to “like” my own comment. Not that much of a egoist. I thought I was “liking” yours.

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  3. oops again…meant “an” egoist. Egocentric enough not to have a type recorded for Internet infinity.

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  4. What a sweet thought. I’m not abandoned but would like to book one room for me.

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