Wet Mud in the Rains

My experience

This is my experience from a wonderful evening during my winter holidays at Cheerapunji, last year! It rains almost all the times at Cheerapunji and I was on my evening walk. The downpour started and the the mud on which I was walking, soon got wet. The blend produced a scent that inspired the poet within me. Here is what I came up with:

As the soothing breeze carried away the raindrops,

That splashed on to the field, where lay mud,

They blended and produced an effervescence,

And in the odyssey, I stood mesmerized!

Hoping that the scent spreads through realms.

Wet mud in the rains, smells like happiness,

It brings a gleaming smile on a frowning face

It is contagious, It is pervasive, It is pure

Liked by all, loved by all

Wet Mud in the Rains, smell of all ages!


I am sure you can all relate to this. I know a lot of people who have heard people talking about this fragrance but never experienced the same. To all of them I ask, do you notice how you come to know that its raining even with your eyes closed and ears shut? Its the same pervasive scent of wet mud that sends you the alarm! 🙂


 This post has been written for http://www.godrejaer.com/ for the first crowd-inspired fragrances for Godrej aer. #InspireAFragrance

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