Sketches and Motion Pictures, carve way for technology!

Visionary models of creative directors in the science fiction based movies have certainly paved way for futuristic inventions like mutation, self transforming vehicles, virtual world  and now Transhumanism! However, we shouldn’t be surprised with motion pictures leading the way for technological advances. If we dive deep into history, it’s been the visionary painters whose sketcheds have led to some of the most pioneering inventions. The stalwart painter and inventor Learnado Da Vinci is known for sketching models of some of the most ahead of the times technical advances in those times.

Sketches of the first flying machine. first proposed Tank, first proposed hydraulic vehicle and experimental musical instruments named Viola Organista! All of them were drawn in the 15th century!




One of the most beautiful engineering marvels of nature,  is the human brain itself. An artist taps on the limitless potential of the human brain and transpires her vision uninhibitedly in the form of sketches, drawings and motion pictures. What seems fantasy in these early renditions, carves way for a transformation into reality.

Today we have developed for ourselves, a fully functional virtual world. The reality of the virtual world can’t be questioned at all. Through this medium we have been able to quickly transpire visionary thoughts into virtual reality. Self driven cars, which have been commonly shown in sci-fi movies for ages, are now a reality.  Thanks to Google and many other lesser known and lesser prosperous inventors!

Talking of wireless communication, I am sure most of us have seen the movie Contact, made in 1970s. The movie is about a self motivated scientist who truly believes in being able to establish a contact with extra terrestrial beings. She sets up an array of antennas over huge span of land for this purpose an dis successful in doing so. Today, do we all know about the Very large Scale Array project which was also built in 1970s?

I leave you with a food for thought, it’s easier to defy gravity in movies but not so in reality. But in the end, vision does precede invention! Right?









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