The first day is a glimpse and not a guarantee, of the maximum goodness that can be maintained at your workplace

Disclaimer: I love my job. This is just a word of advise that I want to give to my friends, who will be or have just taken this path.


This is what can happen to you. 

Two months into your job , you start brooding about the monotony slowly seeping into your daily routine. Nothing in the workplace seems like the first day.  You discover with time that the pleasing faces that caught your attention before, are facades. The seat cushion doesn’t have the bounce anymore and the fresh pages on your diary don’t smell the same.  The refreshing and energizing talks over lunch now turn into bitter talks, sulking and accusations. Whatever your management does, now looks to be a strategic attack on you. This is no more the place you thought it was, this is no more the place you want to be.

Lets take a flashback over two months The day of your job interview, you tried your best convincing God that there is nothing you have ever wanted more than this Job (although you said the same thing when you made umpteen requests to God on those endless nights before end-sem exams, but there is some eternal belief in all of us that makes us so confident that God has bad memory ). Anyways, you get the job and you are on cloud 9. You want everybody to call you and congratulate you, else you call them. You act humble, but inside if you, you’re like, “Am I awesome or what!”  The first day, you are pampered by everyone, you smile at everyone and get one in return. Everything about your work is new and exciting. You are made to feel important in the company. The burden of responsibilities makes you a man from a boy, all of a sudden! You are now a corporate professional and your dressing, financial status, address, telephone number and in my case the waist size, everything changes.

What happens later?

Well, Two months are not good enough to bring a change in you or your company. Two months are enough though, to change you attitude towards your company. Everyday does not feel like the first day because you did not ensure new and exciting tasks for yourself each day. The cushion has lost the bounce because you have made your job a seat sticking sedentary pain in the butts. You stopped going for a stroll around the office and randomly exchanging smiles with people. So they stopped smiling at you. People can be confused, people can be indecisive, people can be introvert and people can be shy. It takes time for them to know you and for you to know them. So if you discover a flip side of them that was not exposed on the first day, it does not mean that  they wear a facade. It means knowing people takes time and accepting them as what they are, takes tons and ounces of maturity. The first day is a glimpse and not a guarantee of the maximum goodness that can be maintained at your workplace.
Whatever you do as an employee is your contribution to the growth and your stake in the company’s success. But people take ages to realize this.  This is the turmoil that they get into:
You start considering your company’s success different from your success. Thus, you no more feel that your work contributes to the growth of the company. This makes you feel redundant, unwanted and dispensable in your team. While on the other hand, the team starts observing a reluctance in your behaviour, they see how you are gradually losing interest in your job and start speculating the reasons for it. They are missing you in the team, while, you are thinking that they want you no more.

Is there a way out of this?

Yes, there is. But you need to figure that out for yourself! Work together in a team, not just to pin point the problems but to get a solution. Your attitude will define your job, your position and your growth. Give respect to the easiest and menial of the tasks you do each day, respect will come running back to you.
Heard the age old saying, “All jobs suck, that’s why you are paid to do it!” ??
That’s hardly true! Good jobs, like good men, are few but they’re there!
Good luck
Let me know how your first day was 🙂

2 thoughts on “The first day is a glimpse and not a guarantee, of the maximum goodness that can be maintained at your workplace

  1. Very true! In fact this is the case with everyone and what is needed is that first move to bring about the change in us as individuals. We generally try to act clever. But we need to act wise. As days go by we act clever and think about changing the system where we work. All what we need to do is act wise and smart, and change the self. 🙂


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