They shall sleep hungry tonight, but, not by their choice..

I created this video after I was filled with guilt while talking to a friend of mine. She told me that everyday 20 crore Indians sleep without taking dinner. Because they don’t have any food in the house. You may already know this fact, but what have you done about it? Apart from adding to the problem.

Watch this video and if you think you can do something, then join hands and lets get going..

10 thoughts on “They shall sleep hungry tonight, but, not by their choice..

  1. It is a sad but true fact.


  2. I love the soundtrack..if I’m not mistaken its the lost requiem but maybe I’m wrong. Makes an impact. The premise is sound and it is true..Which NGO are you associated with?


    • Yes it is requiem for dream. I am glad it could create an impact. We are just a bunch of youth getting together to solve a problem. So far, we are not organized in the form of any NGO. Let us know if you have any ideas/suggestions for us!


      • Have you targeted any neighbourhood or community as yet…or tied up with someone? since if you are organizing yourselves, in my opinion, I think it may be easier for you to first see how an assembly sequence of delivering food is done rather than go randomly and start, plus you have the backing of a name in the very beginning. Out of curiosity which part of India are you from?


      • A friend of mine noticed this problem in Rajasthan, North West of India, during our graduation. She shared her concerns with me and I made this video. Soon after, we came to know of an initiative, “Dabbawala” who has launched an initiative to cater to the same problem. I am sure there are many parts of the world, where such problem haunts the soc


      • Its there all over India, and the Africa, in places where there’s strife and war and senseless violence or apathy to basic living conditions. We all have to do our bit in every little way possible. Here’s hoping you all succeed…


      • The sense of responsibility must be aroused. Realization is the primary solution. Thank you for your wishes and we hope that you will share the video in your community to spread the message and create awareness. Thanks again.


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