10 Adorable Facts About Moms

1. Every time my friends call me fat, all I have to do is reach out to my mom. Suddenly, I am thin again!

2. In panic mode, she calls me by my brother’s name and my brother by my name. Given the fact, that she kept our names, how difficult can it be to remember? But, it’s adorable!

3. On the day of Karvachauth, our family gets our meals right on time and full of variety. Complaining attitude is not the characteristic of a mother.

4. She keeps her kid’s dreams ahead of her own wishes and teaches her kids to keep their own dreams on the top.

5. A mere smile on mother’s day means more to her than what an X-box means to us on our birthday.

6. Whenever we ask her if she loves me or my brother more, she says she can’t compare but she loves us both more than her life. I think it’s an actual example of infinite love, and two infinite values can’t be compared. It’s adorable.

7. There is the district court, then high court, then supreme court and then a mother’s judgement. I cannot afford to be wrong in her eyes.

8. A mother is the only factory in the world which has more than 100% efficiency. With minimum raw materials she can produce abundant selfless love.

9. You get a hug, whether you top the class or you fail it. Conditions not applied.

10. To every son his mom is the prettiest and to every mom her daughter/son is the prettiest. There is mutual admiration. 😛 🙂


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