Book Review: The Martian, by Andy Weir


In true words “The Martian” is an engineer’s delight. Love for mathematics is a pre-requisite for this book. The struggle of an astronaut, to survive at mars – is what everyone would assume this book to be about. However, I think that the book is more about how life can throw tantrums at the wrong times and there is no option you have but to deal with it. The author, in his personal life, is a programmer and it is very evident from the way he sorts down and tackles the problems he is facing at the martian land, one at a time. Humour, is a very strong element of Andy’s style of writing. It comes out at the times where it was least expected and that’s what makes it so much more funny. Here’s my favorite quote from the book:

“They say no plan survives first contact with implementation. I’d have to agree.”
Andy Weir, The Martian

I believe that one of the biggest challenges with a single character based novel is fighting monotony [from the reader’s perspective]. However, this book does a good job by adding adventure, thrill and lot’s of suspense, which keeps the boredom at bay. Strangely enough, the astronaut happens to be a botanist at heart and grows a potato farm at Mars. At this note, I leave it on you to figure out what happens next.

1. This book deserves a binge reading. I read it in one go in 8 hours.
2. Andy Weir has written a summary and analysis of this book and it is much recommended.

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