Youth Parliament: A Times of India Initiative

The Youth Parliament is a platform for the youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policy makers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The Youth Parliament is a debate between the best debaters and policy makers.

I was chosen to be amongst the 40 best national debaters in India in 2013.

Jaswant Singh’s honesty was a threat to BJP’s Integrity: Rajnath Singh

jaswantsinghAmidst the chaos caused by the denial of Lok Sabha ticket to the veteran, Jaswant Singh, BJP’s (Bharatiya Jaded Party’s) Chief Corrupt Officer, Rajnath Singh, made a candid confession to my resources, stating that the clean image of Jaswant Singh has always been a threat to the reputation of BJP.

He also emphasized upon the praise-worthy efforts by the two gangster, Bangaru Laxman and Yeddyurapa in popularizing the criminal network of BJP around the length and breadth of India. “It was my moral obligation to deny him the ticket,” said Rajnath

In the past decade, BJP has lost the opportunity to lead the initiatives of all major scams like Coalgate, Commonwealth and 2G Spectrum. BJP’s ministers have expressed embarrassment over the fact that despite having 5 more ministers with criminal charges against them in the Supreme Court than, INC (Indian Notorious Congress) has overtaken them at corruption.

However,  the party is in full swing mode to get back the tainted image that the BJP’s ministers have been dearly longing for, since the Tehelka scam.

“Twice Finance Minister, once External Affairs Minister and Defence Minister and ex-Indian Army officer, 76 years old Jaswant Singh was too old to represent the face of BJP,” said the Youth minister. Meanwhile, Jaswant Singh has launched a search operation for finding the old principles of BJP.

He has been joined in the search, by AB Vajpayee, who also confessed that he had to quit BJP under similar circumstances. Though he was grateful to the party, for not making a public denial to his old age political fantasies.

P.S. Thjs article was originally posted by me on Faking News