Part 2/3: Chetan Bhagat to come up with an autobiography, titled “Half Knowledge”

This is a continuation to Part 1, where I have basically tried to convey that Chetan Bhagat should take some rest from writing books and then, continue taking complete rest from there on.

2nd Point of Allegation: Double Standards with a flavour of hypocrisy and pompousness

 — Let’s start with one of his latest Facebook posts. This is scary and it worries me about the choices being made by the youth of India.


Here, in this post, you can see him trying to pitch himself in, as one of the most liked authors. I am one of those guys who like his Facebook page, just to have a good laugh at his posts. I don’t understand what gives him the confidence to assume that the majority of 6 million people who like his page, are not from my category.

Here is what his website reads:

“Chetan’s books have remained bestsellers since their release. Four out his five novels have been already adapted into successful Bollywood films and the others are in process of being adapted as well.”

Mr. Chetan Bhagat, thank you for letting us know why you write books.

To all those students who are working day and night for the IIT entrance exams, choosing him over HC Verma, is a grave mistake. Rather sharing the same shelf for keeping his books besides HC Verma, is an insult to the IITs.

— Another reference from his website:

Chetan quit his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country.

What is the change he is talking about? Oh, the fact every tom dick and harry, now wants to write mindless books after graduating from the IITs?

A reference from his blog on Women’s day. He is telling women about the 5 things that they need to change about themselves. He is so sure about the fact that he has the expertise and experince to tell women how they can be better women.

“The first behaviour that needs to end is the constant desire to judge other women. Women are hard on themselves. They are harder on each other.”

<lol> Mr Chetan Bhagat, are your reference points taken from Ekta Kapoor’s television serials? Looks like it:


Here is another word of advice from Chetan Bhagat to women:

Laughing at men’s jokes when they aren’t funny, accepting a raw deal in an office assignment or playing dumb to allow a man to feel superior are just a few occasions when you do your own kind no favor.”

Just curiosity sake: I am guessing the one who proof reads your books, especially the comic part, is a female. Is that so?

Chetan Bhagat, speaks as a self proclaimed ambassador of the Muslim community and refers to himself and his views as “us,” meaning Muslims.

Everyone seems to care for Muslims, but no one actually wants to listen to us, particularly the youth. I keep hearing political leaders promising to uplift us. I don’t know how they plan to uplift us and only us, without uplifting the nation. But then, I am a nobody, what do I know?

Here is Chetan Bhagat summing up the entire gamut of responsibilities of a homemaker to making phulkas. Much like Rahul Gandhi, he supports women empowerment!

“Really, is that what a woman’s life is all about — to make hot phulkas?


Good or bad publicity is good publicity. I am sure you resonate with me on this, Mr. Chetan Bhagat. I did not even have to put my views to prove my allegations. Your own loose comments substantiate my point.

I rest my case here. 


In the final part of this dedicated series of articles for Mr. Chetan Bhagat, we will just make him a request to not be the self proclaimed mascot of so many things including IITs, IIMs, Women, Muslims, Gays and lately, BJP.

Disclaimer: To Chetan Bhagat and all his fans – if you do end up reading this article then please don’t be offended. If you do get offended, I apologize. In the end, I’d just like to quote one of your tweets:

Final word on my writing: padhni hai to padho, varna kat lo.