In no time, time flies by!

Weekly Writing Challenge:

Inspiration Quote-

“Decade is a period of ten years.
Century is a period of one hundred years.
Millennium is a period of one thousand years.
“Together forever” lasts a fortnight.”

There are two romantic ways to comprehend these lines and I have explained both of them below.

Request: I would be glad to know which out of the two, is closer to your comprehension.  So please make time <pun intended> to comment.

Opinion 1: Romantic But Pessimist

You tend to make big promises in relationships, like wild shots in the air. If it hits it hits, if it misses, then you hope that it hits someone else. In relationships, your tongue easily slips into words of superlative degree like “never,” “ever,” “always” etc. In the middle of dating you realize you’re with the wrong person and you still go for a second date because you have not been successful in arranging for another first date. From food to relationships, everything should be attractive looking, easily digestible and fast to let out/go.  There is no point in sticking for long, because given the human tendency and behaviour, we are actually animals. Commitment is a hyped phenomena. Its just a way to slimy cover up the fact that you’re no more good to find your muse! So all promises of being together forever, end in a fortnight.

Opinion 2: Romantic and Optimist

Eternity, is the lifetime of true love. When you love, you love for once and you love forever. You start young and you grow old, all together. Most importantly, you share the same time, though in some cases not the same time zone. Sorrows divide and Happiness doubles. In a nutshell, time just flies by. And in no time, you find yourself telling your love, “We’ve been together for years, but, it just seems like I met you last fortnight”.

What do you guys interpret? Share in comments.

Thanks for reading.


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