Supreme Court declares weekdays officially closed, Sarkari Babus relieved

New Delhi. The Supreme Court today has ordered the weekdays to be officially considered as closed for the government employees. This ruling comes after the constant protests by the Sarkari Babus against the unjust expectations of the public from them. There have been many incidents reported by them, where they have been mentally tortured by being asked to work on the weekdays.

Sarkari-BabuBabu Lal, not working yet working at Delhi government office, has reported a case against Mrs. Meena, a widow, who requested him 20 times for approving her 5 years pending retirement pension. Despite Babu Lal’s deaf ear to her requests and cold responses, she harassed him by turning up in the office for the 21st time and making yet another gentle request. Babu Lal was mentally traumatized with this bizarre experience and doctors are trying very hard to get him back to his initial state of complete comatose.

In another such situation, Kanti Babu, not working yet working in UP Government Office, was requested by a 21 year old Mukesh to approve his duly filled application for a passport. Kanti Babu is a senior official and has a strong reputation of sleeping in the office hours and weekends. Mukesh, in a completely undignified manner dared to whisper Kanti Babu’s name very politely to make the request, thereby waking him up on a Monday morning.

Since then, Kanti Babu is in deep insomnia and his family has a filed a case against Mukesh for physical abuse.

An extreme case was reported in the Punjab Government office, where a corrupt Sarkari Employee, Rajesh, was found working sincerely in the office hours, thereby giving false hopes and expectation to the public. In a just ruling, he has been denied promotion for life and has been transferred to a tribal jungle in Anadamans.

The Sarkari Babus are welcoming the SC ruling with both useless hands open. While a few of them are still confused about what difference it brings to their no-work life, others continue enjoying the bliss in the government offices. Hopefully this will help in making the public of India more aware of their responsibilities.

 The End.
P.S. My article was originally published on Faking News.